Power Line Inspections

Human assets performing routine and emergent power line inspections are costly, time consuming, and dangerous for power companies. By utilizing unmanned aerial systems (drones), the cost of such inspections are reduced by half. Along with providing verifiable data to engineers and maintenance personnel, Altitude Imaging provides all data via its data management portal and the ability to annotate and deliver GPS referenced data to our customers!

Our close-range aerial RGB and thermal images are of particular value for the power companies, where either routine or emergency-response inspections can mean a faster restoration time, reduction of cost for both routine and emergent inspections, and verifiable and actionable data. By using drone technology for transmission/distribution tower, line, or grid inspections, an organization can greatly reduce safety risks and increase resource management and emergency deployment. Inspection services include:

  • Aerial inspections of electrical lines, components, and right-of-way locations
  • Routine/maintenance or emergency-deployment inspections for utility assessment in both daytime and nighttime hours
  • Partnership with organization’s “front line” workers for area of concern identification
  • RGB and thermal images or live feed video available for delivery or stream back to base for further problem area investigation
  • Emergency response aerial footage for disaster response